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Industrial Hygiene (IH)

Industrial hygiene is the art and science of recognizing, evaluating, and placing controls on the workplaces and enhancing workplace conditions that may cause injury or illness to building inhabitants.  Sun City Analytical Inc. (SCAI)’s industrial hygienists use state of the art environmental monitoring methods to evaluate and detect the extent of occupational exposure.  SCAI places practical emphasis on typically neglected building and construction issues.  Within the working environment, the impact on individuals and their workplaces are evaluated using basic monitoring equipment and air quality analysis.  Where ever necessary work place controls, as well as, implementation of protection equipment is developed.

From lead dust hazards recognized in the mining industry as early as the fourth century BC, and the first century AD when a Roman scholar denoted occupational health related illnesses associated with the exposure to zinc and sulfur, there has been an awareness and science for industrial hygiene.  Due to the growing public knowledge of environmental issues thru and media and U.S. Federal and State agencies, today’s much growing industry has an even bigger demand and need for industrial hygiene studies. Not only has there been advancements in workers’ compensation laws, States were enacted to individually establish their own industrial hygiene programs that included compensation coverage for employees.  Today nearly every workplace is required to implement industrial hygiene practices, safety and health programs, as well as developing of hazard communication programs.

IH studies include the evaluation of workplace conditions and the demand on the body.  Effectiveness of tools and fitting equipment is known as ergonomics.  Ergonomics studies focus on the work-related factors that pose risks of musculoskeletal disorders.  Risk factors include repetitive, prolonged, or direct force to the body. For example lifting and carrying heavy objects, standing or sitting in awkward positions, constant pushing/pulling, or visual strain.

The placement and intensity of lighting is yet another concern to IH.  Too much light or over-illumination is found in many office buildings and schools.  Today’s interior designs have introduced more indirect sunlight in commercial buildings, and utilizing IH studies, have properly proportion lighting on designs.  Not only has the introduction of occupancy sensor switches and energy conservative lighting fixtures reduced cost and energy, but they have also shown to lower occupational complaints by reducing the strain lighting puts on the eyes.

Sun City Analytical, Inc.’s investigative techniques have proven to recognize exposures and stressors throughout the work place based on comprehensive sampling and detailed analysis of complaint reports.  SCAI’s IH team is trained to thoroughly evaluate hazardous waste operations and emergency response programs along with hazardous materials and disposal.  Furthermore, SCAI has well over 45 years of combined Industrial Hygiene experience in the Southwest.

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