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Sun City Analytical, Inc. (SCAI)’s extensive R&D and resolution experienced with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems associated with bioaerosols (spores) and molds have fostered the philosophy that simple solutions can avoid expensive medical, legal, political, and related construction costs.

The simplest of the remediation solution is the preventative operation and maintenance (O&M) program. This is followed simultaneously by the education and training of personnel associated with the maintenance and fiscal department, and school boards and administrators. All efforts should be coupled with an experienced IAQ professional such SCAI, who has access to a laboratory capable of analyzing samples quickly and economically.

Simply put, SCAI’s professional experience with mold contamination issues have led to the development of several recommendations which will help avoid or resolve ongoing mold IAQ problems. SCAI’s professional experience dictates that every effort should be made to communicate and work with clients by presenting the advantages, disadvantages, and possible consequences in order to eliminate costly misunderstandings and project delays. If necessary, custom or special requirements can be incorporated into projects which are within the current framework of regulatory and industry standards.

There are circumstances such as funding, politics or outright neglect for many years which may lead to only one solution when a building is overwhelmed with mold contamination, demolition. As simple as this solution appears, the demolition of a mold contaminated building does require other professional services which will take into account environmental conditions not previously considered.


Since indoor air quality studies began, great emphasis has been placed on atmosphere containing elevated levels on any airborne aerosol/particles. Mold, as an indoor air quality issue, has quickly become a major role player in the environmental health and safety. Historically, SCAI has included microbial sampling in several occasions. Since then, the development of more sophisticated equipment and less costly sampling media has helped the industry develop state regulations, licensing, and training. Of course, in order to keep up with the ever changing industry and client needs, SCAI  holds the most current and up to date state licensing for all mold disciplines. In fact, SCAI was in the fore front in the development of the Mold Regulation development by the state of Texas. SCAI personnel were present during the public hearings held for the development of state mold regulations and presented idea that proved useful towards the development of the Texas Mold Regulations.

Each of SCAI’s mold investigations is performed using industrial hygiene principles. Each project is carefully assessed while the source is studied in detail until the source of microbial growth is located. Every investigation is treated as an individual project and therefore no “cookie sheet” approach is never accepted on any microbial project. SCAI uses state of the art work practices as well as federal publicized guidelines. Each sample collected during a microbial investigation is analyzed by our very own TDHSH licensed and Accredited Laboratory.


As a requirement of the State of Texas, Sun City Analytical, Inc. provides its clients with mold protocols as an addition to any microbial investigation whenever necessary. The mold protocol is developed by the Licensed Mold Consultant for the client in order to assist the Mold Remediation Contractor on developing the required Mold Plan. Sun City Analytical, Inc. has developed a healthy relationship with several Mold Remediation Contractors throughout the southwest, thus, developing more cleanliness results for our clients. Through its history, Sun City has assisted clients with clean-up projects as well as consulting efforts. These clean-up projects have consisted of residential homes and commercial properties in New Mexico, and Arizona. By performing clean-up tasks, Sun City gained firsthand knowledge in the usage and decontamination of biocides and fungicides. It is this knowledge that gives Sun City the upper hand when developing fungi-specific Mold Protocols for our clients.


At the completion of each mold remediation project, Sun city Analytical, Inc. performs a thorough re-investigation of the specified remediation location. SCAI not only reassesses the work area, but, performs a full re-assessment for the target fungi as identified in the Mold Protocol. It is not uncommon to find SCAI technicians collecting additional direct readings and assuring that the source of the water intrusion was properly corrected. All finding are issued in writing to the client. If ever applicable, All additional areas exposed during remediation that need to be addressed are reviewed with the client for approval. SCAI’s staff is capable of performing microbial clearance sampling and analysis on site where ever necessary. SCAI’s personnel training includes the training of onsite mold analysis to better assist our clients


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