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Sun City Analytical, Inc.’s  asbestos laboratory is the only El Paso asbestos laboratory accredited with the prestigious NVLAP 101870-0 (The National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program a sub division of The National Institute of Standards and Technology) accreditation.

Approximately 230 laboratories have received accreditation in the United States.  Sun City Analytical, Inc‵s laboratory is the only laboratory between Dallas and Phoenix with this accreditation. In order for a laboratory to receive this accreditation, auditors from NVLAP 101870-0 perform on-site reviews of the facilities and administer a series of exams to lab personal to ensure laboratory proficiency.  In order to maintain accreditation, SCAI Laboratories participate in semi annual pat-round program. In this program, the accredited laboratory is sent four pre-loaded bulk samples from NVLAP 101870-0 to be analyzed.  The laboratory must then analyze the samples and submit their results for grading and re-accreditation. This ensures that the lab continues to meet the exacting standards of NVLAP 101870-0.

In addition to NVLAP 101870-0 accreditation, the Sun City Analytical, Inc. Laboratory also maintains an asbestos laboratory licenses issued by the State of Texas and other issuing agencies.

Lab personnel undergo extensive training in order to become certified to read asbestos samples.  All laboratory analyst must attend at least one of two institutions for certification (The McCrone Research Institute located in Chicago, IL and MICA located in San Francisco, CA).  The SCAI Laboratory  uses the NIOSH 7400 series A method of asbestos detection under polarized light microscopy (PLM).

SCAI Laboratory hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00 pm respectfully, however, we are available to perform sample analysis 24/7.  Asbestos PLM analysis are typically analyzed  from 3-5 days (regular turn-around) to as short as 3 hours.  Turn-around times and fees can be found here.

In order for Sun City Analytical, Inc. to receive samples and perform analyze, clients must first fill out a chain of custody (COC) form which releases the samples to the laboratory.  This  COC serves as a legal transmittal document between Sun City Analytical, Inc. and our client. A PDF chain of custody is available for download from our web or you can pick up a form from our office.  This form, with an original signature, must be submitted to our lab along with the samples.


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