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Sun city Analytical, Inc. performs inspections to meet client’s needs. Lead regulations are only recommended for all buildings other tan for HUD Housing, however, Sun City’s respect for these regulations and pursuit of a healthy environment encourage us to use them as a standard. Our lead inspections follow all governing standards as well as state recommendations. Sun City was privileged to assist in the refurbishing of several historic properties as well as state parks throughout the state of Texas.


Sun City Analytical, Inc. has set high goals and expectations for itself in its 20 years of existence; it has met of its goals. From clients researching from the crawlspace of single story homes, to multistory one of a kind historic landmark Sun City thrives to be the best. Each of Sun City’s clients is considered one of the family, but none more than children. Sun City has developed simple solution to lead risk hazards, which have proven to create a better environment. Keeping true to our motto, Sun City has assisted various clients, both multi-dollar building owners as well as hard working home owners in achieving a better living environment using simple solutions and still staying in compliance.


Sun City Analytical, inc. tries its best to provide a safe healthy work environment where ever possible. Sun City technicians are always on call and ready to assist lead remediation contractors at any time. Our clients may find Sun City personnel marking courtesy site visits on lead removal projects at no additional costs. Meticulous training has developed our keen eye for job cleanliness and detecting of contractors oversights. Thus reducing down time caused by the failure of clearance samples.


In ever growing environmental field, Sun City Analytical, Inc. has thrived to stay ahead of the game by developing methods and procedures keeping our clients in mind. Sun City Lead Risk assessors have worked together to create one of a kind Lead Management Plan for schools and buildings that are at a high potential lead risk hazards. This state of the art program was developed to assist building owners in reducing lead hazards, provide periodic monitoring and training to employees who come in contact with the buildings lead hazards

  • SCAI is TDSHS licensed Lead Firm
  • SCAI has performed numerous lead-based paint assessments and investigations
  • Recently completed all the YISD facilities complete with a lead management plan.
  • Perform lead risk assessment in the gun firing ranges at YISFD and currently performing monitoring of cleanups

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